Top 3 reasons to visit Milan this year

Milan is not as popular as places like Rome and Venice; yet, you must visit this place if you come to Italy. Here are the reasons why Milan should be on your ‘must-visit places’ list when you come to Italy.

1. The Navigli District

There are lots of canals in Milan. Navigli district is known as the canal district. You can easily move around the city by metro, tram, bike or by foot. Markets are set up along the canals. There are lots of artisan shops, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. The local street art is famous here. The nightlife is awesome here. There are lots of bars and night clubs to have a good time.

2. The Food

Milan has a wide range of modern cuisine that will satisfy you. You can have meats and flavorful cheeses. The markets are very lively here, and you will find fresh ingredients. You can pick up gourmet items for your home.There are lots of pizza places as well. You must not miss eating pastry and cappuccino when you are in Milan.

3. Bike riding

You will see most people riding bikes in Milan. The climate is mild here, and the roads are flat, so it’s convenient for tourists and the local people to enjoy biking throughout the year. You can rent a bike and tour across the town.

Milan has some unique things to offer that you won’t find in any other part of Italy. So, make sure you have Milan on your travel plan when you visit Italy.

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